Stress plays an enormous role on our health both in the short and long term. We have therefore created a supplement regimen that targets excess cortisol, our bodies stress hormone, in order to provide balance and help keep stress under control.

Our unique formulation based on Functional Medicine targets the root cause of stress using a threefold approach. Adaptogens to help lower cortisol, Magnesium to calm the body and mind, and a specially formulated multivitamin to provide energy and regulate the production of cortisol throughout your day.  

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Product Details +

+ Made with pure organic materials. Non-GMO.

+ Made in the USA.

+ Pharmaceutical-Grade composition.

+ Curated by a Functional Medicine Physician.

+ Free of fillers, dye's, and harmful preservatives.

+ Hypoallergenic.  

This is a 30-day pack supply

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**If pregnant, nursing or if you have an existing medical condition, consult a practitioner prior to use.

How it works +

Your 30-day stress manager supplements can be taken daily. We recommend to take - 1 pill pack each morning with meals - on a daily basis combined with healthy diet and lifestyle.

Does Not Contain +

Wheat, Soy, Gluten, Yeast, Animal or Dairy Products, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Egg, GMOs Ingredients, Artificial colors or sweeteners, artificial preservatives.

Inside of each pack

Composition - 1 Capsule

Composition - 1 Capsule

Composition - 1 Capsule


30-day Pill Pack

Dr. Dinetz’s Stress Control is expertly formulated from the highest-grade, most effective supplements to support your cortisol levels and promote a healthier you.

This formulation combines more than 12 ingredients to actively support your current and long-term stress levels.

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Adam R. - Plastic Surgeon

Finally I recovered my sleep. This supplement pack keeps me balanced and focus throughout the day so making personal and professional life easy to handle & stress free.